Meet Us: Andrew, Lead Artist

Name: Andrew Southern

Role: Artist extrodinare

Nickname: “Country”

Song that reminds us of him: “I’m a country boy”

Beatdowns: 7

When did you first know that you were destined to be an artist? 

I have been drawing ever since I can remember.  My brother and I would sit and draw posters for our rooms and for our friends.  My mom is awesome, and would always bring home coloring books and buy me painting kits.  I remember I could never take notes in high school because if I had a pencil and paper in front of me I would inevitably end up drawing instead of writing, and I had a few teachers who told me I should become an artist (maybe so I would take art class instead of their class!).  I come from a family of artists.. However, I never considered being an artist until after my first year of college… I hated all of my classes except art!  I thought about what I wanted to do everyday and after I enrolled full-time in art classes there was no turning back.


Who/what inspires you?

Looking at other artwork and seeing other artists sketchbooks gives me the motivation and courage to keep pursuing art.  People like Skottie Young, Creaturebox (Dave and Greg), Sean Galloway, Stephen Silver, Mel Milton (and all the guys at Avalanche Software) are some of my favorite artists today.  Attending life drawing class and researching ateliers always gives me new reference and the urge to push my skills past what I think is possible.  Drawing from life is the most important thing you can do to develop as an artist and keep inspired!

What was your very first job?  Like, age 15, introduction to the world of the workforce?

I remember helping my older brother on his paper route when I was a little kid, It was kinda fun.  I also was lifeguard and detasseled.  For everyone who is not from the midwest and doesn’t know what detasseling is… Google it!


You listen to music while you work…tell me what’s on your playlist.

mmmm.. now that’s a great question.  I listen to a little bit of everything… it helps me focus while I work.  Some days I listen to Tupac, Girl Talk, Skrillex, Paul Oakenfold or some other gangster rap/  hip hop / techno music.  But my true roots are in late 90’s – 2000’s Punk Rock.. so I’m usually bangin’ my head to some MXPX, Mayday Parade, Paramore, Relient K, Anberlin… or anything on Tooth and Nail.

You won the dream career lottery.  Who would you assemble for your team and what kind of projects would you work on (also, hammocks or bean bags for the office breakroom)?

Man… where to start.  Well, I would definitely keep the current team at DHG, I love them ALL!! They are the most talented group I’ve ever worked with.. I would also bring in my other artist friends and EVERYONE from my list of inspiring artists (above).

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