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And we’re LIVE!!!


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Our Kickstarter Journey

After spending 2 weeks planning, storyboarding, mocking up, polishing, and perfecting, our kickstarter campaign is complete.

We’re thrilled.  To ‘kick it forward’ we’ve documented our nit-picked process–

Step 1 – Research, Research, Research

With all opportunistic things, whether it be a job interview or an investor pitch meeting, we research.  We spent hours scouring through the kickstarter campaigns looking at successful and non-successful projects of all categories.  This step is crucial.  Not only can you avoid making simple mistakes, but the inspiration is ripe for the picking!

We came out with some questions about how we’d want our campaign presented–

1) Should ours be more personable or project driven?

2) Do we want to be on camera or should our assets do the talking?

3) Funny or informative?

After deciding that 1) we should be project driven, 2) we’re camera shy…let the assets do the talking, and 3) more informative, but paired with funny assets; our campaign personality was born.  Hooray!

Step 2 – Documentation

The ‘about the project’ section.  The bulk of the text.  It needs to draw the reading eyes in, while providing information about the project.  We began here–telling the story of our baby, Dragons VS Unicorns.  The first draft was nothing like the final live piece.  We marked up several drafts of the text, removed and added sections, shared it with others for feedback…the works.

It was important for the text to have visuals that are synced to the context.  We wanted to stay away from being text-heavy, yet concise.  The more successful projects stayed away from the cliche.

We also drafted the rewards that will go along with the contributions.  Got some great advice from some friends– bring the backer INTO the project, have them be a part of the process.  Have the backers care about the project as much as we do.  Great advice.

Step 3 – The all-important Kickstarter video script…

After we were happy with the text content (finally), we moved on to write the script for the video.  This is much easier to do after step 2.  We knew what was covered, and yet we can expand further where needed.  What we needed was to show the gameplay.  After all, that’s what we’re asking backers to support.  Writing about the instructions of the game just didn’t make it sound exhilarating…but it is!

Step 4 – Video VO recording and edit

This took a whole day.  It’s tricky!  You want to get the right tone in the voice over– enthusiastic, clear, but without being phony or corny.  Also, it’s important to speak slowly and pause after each sentence.

Step 5 – Storyboards

We made the choice to stay off camera, so the animations had to shine.  We put together the storyboards for each scene, spliced together the animatic, and made tweaks where needed.  This was a time consuming process, and seemingly unnecessary.  NOT THE CASE!  This is the chance to polish the video without redoing any final video assets.  This sets the pace of the video, and provides a round of edits to the script.

Step 6 – Video Production

This process took a while, but it was very efficient because of the storyboards.

Step 7 – Polish Polish Polish

Tighten up the screws.  Send the preview to fresh eyes.  Get feedback.  Make the updates.

Step 8 – Wish us luck!

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Dragons VS Unicorns Kickstarter Campaign coming soon!

We’ve been working our butts off polishing up our Dragons VS Unicorns Kickstarter Campaign and the finish line is in sight!

We’ll be submitting it for review next week.  Wish us luck!

Chin Up – XPac

We’re just about finished with the expansion of Chin Up and it’s EXCITING!  It will support iPad3’s retina display as well.

More announcements coming soon.  All in all, a very productive week…Thank goodness it’s Friday.

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Monday Musings

Ahh…another Monday, another funday. Time for some random thoughts–

The life in a startup has it’s ups and downs.  Today was one of the ups.  Go us!

Reading about the backlash for small indie devs regarding iPad3’s retina display—seemingly beneficial for everyone.  Except 2D devs.  Thank goodness we made the decision to deploy all art in vector and 3D.

I’ve been following random blogs and one of my favorite subjects is the modern workspace.  This is one of my favorite posts.  Very cool, and something cool to work towards.  A creative space = creative people!

SXSW traffic is turning into a nightmare.  But the energy in the city is high and palpable.

More and more folks are starting to call GDC a waste of time.  Good thing we’re so bootstrapped, we have to be picky where to waste time.

/end musings.


Review: Ski on Neon

Arguably a Tiny Wings clone, this game is oddly satisfying.  The first level is cake…everything else–my goodness.  This might be the most hardest game of all time.

Overall, I love the feel of the game– the black background paired with neon accent colors, the alien skier, all of it is quite pleasing.  At times, the game is infuriating, but that fury passes after a second or two.

I give this game 4 stars-

-1 because it’s too f*cking hard.

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Softball makes the world go round

For the past 5 weeks, we here at DHG have been playing in a local, novice, co-ed softball league every Wednesday.  We played our best and last game of the winter season last week and now…*le sigh*.

Granted…we came in last place and failed to win a single game.  But that’s beside the point!  Most of the players on our team (and by most, I mean ALL my ladies) have never touched a softball, yet alone charge toward a screaming softball to make a play. But hey, we got better and better with every game.

So now it’s over.  Next season starts in April…feels like an eternity away.  Tuesdays (today) is always fun because we discuss positions, strategies, post-game drinking plans…fun stuff!  Now it’s gone, and I don’t think I’m the only one feeling the remorse.

For the love of softball–we anxiously await the next season.


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