Monday Musings

Ahh…another Monday, another funday. Time for some random thoughts–

The life in a startup has it’s ups and downs.  Today was one of the ups.  Go us!

Reading about the backlash for small indie devs regarding iPad3’s retina display—seemingly beneficial for everyone.  Except 2D devs.  Thank goodness we made the decision to deploy all art in vector and 3D.

I’ve been following random blogs and one of my favorite subjects is the modern workspace.  This is one of my favorite posts.  Very cool, and something cool to work towards.  A creative space = creative people!

SXSW traffic is turning into a nightmare.  But the energy in the city is high and palpable.

More and more folks are starting to call GDC a waste of time.  Good thing we’re so bootstrapped, we have to be picky where to waste time.

/end musings.


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